Parents Say

Farah Hussein 02 November 2016

This preschool is absolutely wonderful. All the teachers are cheerful. Everything is well thought off. My daughter has never been happier, so much effort put into small details.

Sarah Abdul Majid 07 November 2016

Exceptional nursery and in my opinion, pioneers in child care. This comes from a mother who visited over 30 nurseries around Qatar and could not find anything closely matching the level of care at Young Explorers. My son has been at the pearl nursery for a year and cried every single day. From day 1 at Young Explorers was a joy for him and for me. I can work assured that my child is in good hands with professional staff that genuinely care. The kids spend a lot of time outside learning through nature and through play. The kids curiosity is cultivated. No handouts, no siting for long periods and no unhappy children. Ms Patricia is amazing, she potty trained my son!! I still cannot believe it myself. I debated writing the review because I like the small classes but with such high quality care, the owners, managers and teachers must be recognized for their excellence.

Fiona Rolt 30 November -0001

We are so pleased about choosing this nursery for our son. I met Deborah first and then Susie who spent a lot of time explaining and answering questions that I had, on my unannounced visit on a Thursday afternoon after hours. They were so welcoming, professional and their clear vision was exactly what I wanted to hear regarding learning for the children in their care. My husband popped in to see what he thought, without me as I was sold on our son attending, he called me to tell me he had registered our son as he was that impressed. Our son has now attended for a month and absolutely loves it, he is confident and comfortable with all the staff that work there. It is clear that all the whole team make such an effort with all the children. Caélan's class teacher is so informative and her manner with him is excellent, she takes time every day to discuss the day and how he has been. All the staff make an effort to welcome and inform me of things that are going on, they really have made the

Rana Menon 30 November -0001

My daughter goes there and she loves it! The teachers and staff are extremely friendly and great with the kids. Debra and Susie were extremely welcoming on the day we went to check it out and were very supportive on my daughter's first day which helped me a great deal. My daughter's teacher, Miss Grace, makes it a point to personally update me on how my daughter did everyday which I totally appreciate. Susie also sent updates and pictures of my daughter the first couple of days she was there to let me know how she was doing. I'm generally a stressy mum but feel totally at ease leaving my daughter there. My daughter was very attached to me before we started her at nursery but she's taken really well to all the teachers. I like the fact that the classes are small, I think my daughter would have been overwhelmed if there were too many children. I also think that since the classes are smaller the nursery is very cosy and personal. I am very happy with our choice and I visited most of the o

Katie Roberts 30 November -0001

A Nursery where the kids really do come first! A welcoming place with happy, enthusiastic, experienced staff. What more could you ask for. My Son loves it!!!

Rachel Pennay 30 November -0001

I searched all the nurseries in my local area for my very attached nearly 3year old (otherwise known as my shadow) and am so very happy we found and chose Young Explorers. From the minute entering the nursery, it is obvious the aesthics and natural light are so conducive to early childhood learning. There is a Reggio Emilia like piazza common area which evolves into new areas to explore and discover, as to enrich the children's interests. Young children can not resist the amazing environment. In my own experience, during the separation process, my child said a tearful "bye Mama" whilst holding a gigantic play magnet collecting gold coins for treasure, or "come back soon" as he searched the sandpit with the digger for bugs, or even just a wave as he slid into the dark area with a torch, thus making it fantastic for all of us. Susan is a knowledgeable and empathic manager and Ms Debra, the dedicated head teacher treats the children so wonderfully and respectfully that my child will remem